Author: Ann Bailey

Restarting the dive club!

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that we have, at last, got the go-ahead to restart pool diving sessions at the Metrodome! We do not have access to the clubroom yet so instead we have negotiated use of the dive pool from 7.30 through to 9pm and possibly 9.30pm. on a Tuesday evening. This

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Online Theory Lessons

Hi all – I do hope everyone is still safe and well. I know some of you will still be working but for others, like me there’s not much to do. That’s why our clubs have decided to offer online theory lessons to anyone who wants to get ahead with the theory part of the

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Training Plan March 17th

Hi all, Before I start this week’s plan a heads-up about what will be happening next week. March 24th will be a skills refresher night for our qualified divers and those OD trainees who are half way through their Open Water training (Selina, Ruby and Humphrey if they want to join in). Rob will send

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Training plan March 10th

Hi all,   Alexis will be doing his presentation on injury prevention for divers this week so,before I go into details, I’d just like to say that we have decided to keep training to a minimum to allow everyone who wants to,  to watch the presentation. This means that some trainees will not have any

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Training plan 3rd March

Hi all, Please note that Alexis’s presentation has been postponed until next week (10th) so there will be training this week as usual. We also have two visitors coming to look over the club, a ‘rusty’ PADI diver who may want to join to refresh and start diving again and an 18 year old possible

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Training Plan 25th February

Hi all, Just one try-dive this week, Ashton Barraclough (13) who will be coming with his mum, Rachel. Please do the paperwork with him Dave and then pass him on to Dave C when he arrives. Thanks. Theory first this week: Alexis will finish OT2 with Janine, Mark and Stephen starting promptly as close to

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Training Plan 18th February

Hi all, This week, Rob will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Save a Dive’, starting promptly at 7.40. Rob will be helping us to understand and deal with those annoying technical things that can go wrong with our dive kit which, if not sorted properly, can result in us losing a dive…and perhaps even the

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