Author: Ann Bailey

Training Plan 11th June

Hi all, Things are getting quieter and quieter at the moment now that a lot of trainees have finished their theory and sheltered water lessons. I’ve booked in an extra try-dive this week so we have three. Chris N will look after Lorraine Hirst who is doing her second try-dive as she was a little

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Training Plan 4th June

Hi all, Our intrepid members will be back from the Summer Isles this week where it looks as though the diving was stunning! I know there are loads of great pictures from the trip…perhaps the photographers could load some pics on a memory stick and bring them in to share with everyone on our new

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Training Plan 28th May

Hi all, A quiet week this week because a lot of trainees are away for half term and the club trip to the Summer Isles will be in full swing. We should be getting some great photos through from the trip soon! So, to the training plan… We have the usual two try-dives. Chris N

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Training plan 21st May

Hi all,   Two try dives again this week. Nigel and Alexis will do these.   Chris N will do a pool sign off with Tony J   Mark S will work in the pool with Armya (not sure if OS2 or 3)   Chris S will continue with Rhys   David will do OS5

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Training plan 14th May

Hi all, Not such a busy week since the two try-dives we had booked in cancelled…they’d changed their mind, there’s no accounting for some! Still, at least they let us know so this gives our newest assistant instructors opportunities to shadow the masters!! And so to the plan….. David will do a pool sign off

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Fwd: Training Plan 7th May

Hi all,   Yet another very busy week especially since EVERYONE’s in the pool!!   We have two try-dives, Steve and Tanya, Nigel and Alex will look after these.   David will do a pool sign off with Dylan and Ruby.   Chris Newsam will do a pool skills review with Dominik and Tony. Alexis

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Training Plan 30th April

Hi all, As usual, the pool stuff first: Two try-dives again this week, Ruby and her Dad. David and Sammy will look after these. Rob and Chris N will do some more on the rescue skills in the pool with the SD trainees, Steve, Callum and Dave (and Ken if he wants to join in).

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