Author: Ann Bailey

Training plan 9th July

Hi all, Another fairly quiet week as far as training is concerned. We have two try-dives, Dave C will look after Humphrey Sherwood and Chris N will look after Mick Hitchen. Suze will do OS1 with Savahna and David will do the same with Kacey. I think, since it is their first pool session they

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Training plan 2nd July

Hi all, Back from sunny Italy to sunny England…why aren’t we diving this weekend??…perhaps some of you are. There is no formal training plan this week as we are running a skills refresher evening for our qualified divers…any and all levels…to make sure all of our skills are up to date and excellent. This means,

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Training plan 25th June

Hi all,   A very quiet week again as most of our trainees have come to the end of their theory and sheltered water lessons…but let’s not get too complacent as we have two, possible three new OD trainees starting in the next couple of weeks….and are there any ODs ready to progress onto SD…apart

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Training plan 18th June

Hi all, Sorry this is a bit late but I was tired after getting back from Capernwray yesterday and after the G&T that was placed in my hand as I opened the door, well…zzzzzz. However, a successful days training yesterday with Mate qualifying as an Ocean Diver, well done to him! This week I have

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Training Plan 11th June

Hi all, Things are getting quieter and quieter at the moment now that a lot of trainees have finished their theory and sheltered water lessons. I’ve booked in an extra try-dive this week so we have three. Chris N will look after Lorraine Hirst who is doing her second try-dive as she was a little

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Training Plan 4th June

Hi all, Our intrepid members will be back from the Summer Isles this week where it looks as though the diving was stunning! I know there are loads of great pictures from the trip…perhaps the photographers could load some pics on a memory stick and bring them in to share with everyone on our new

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Training Plan 28th May

Hi all, A quiet week this week because a lot of trainees are away for half term and the club trip to the Summer Isles will be in full swing. We should be getting some great photos through from the trip soon! So, to the training plan… We have the usual two try-dives. Chris N

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