Author: Ann Bailey

Training Plan 12th March

Hi all, Another Barnsley home game this week and potentially a big crowd, I’m told. Please could everyone allow extra time to get to the Metrodome. In order to get away after training before the crowds come out of the football I am planning everybody only doing Theory OR Pool, there won’t be enough time

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Training plan Tuesday 5th March

Hi all, An early training plan this week because I’m away for the weekend but more importantly, this is the night for our qualified divers to make use of the pool for testing kit, refreshing skills, trying out DSMBs or just getting wet! Remember, kit hire is free but you must book it in advance

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Training plan 26th Feb

Hi all, Lots happening this week and then a heads up for the refresher evening next week….please everyone, read to the end of the email!! Chris S will take Joanne in for a try-dive. David will be in the pool with Mark Slater, our newest member and prospective instructor. Chris N will do OT1 with

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Training Plan Tuesday 19th Feb

Hi all, A fairly straightforward plan this week, so here goes…. David will be doing a refresher evening with PADI diver Carol Higgins. Richard will be starting pool work (OS1) with our latest recruit Paul Miller (the snorkelling bit was done last week, Richard). Chris S will be doing theory with Mate, Dominik, Ruby and

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Training Plan 12th February

Hi all, Sorry for the lateness of this training plan, it’s been a tricky one to do. The master plan is to finish a bit early so the Instructors can have a meeting after training to sort out the Open Water dates for the forthcoming season. There’s a lot of pool work to be done

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Training plan 5th February

Hi All, from sunny Curacao,   This week Alexis will be giving his presentation on ‘Injury prevention for divers’ to start the evening. Everyone is welcome. Please aim to get to club on time as the presentation will start promptly at 7.40pm. The presentation will probably finish just before 8.30 so there will be time

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Training plan 29th January 2019

Hi all, We have two try-dives this week, David and Adam Courtnell (both paid). Rob and Sammy will be doing these. David will be finishing off Angelina’s OD theory test and then will do a pool sign off with Jess and Giannis. Chris N will be in the pool with Autumn and Tom. I think

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