Author: Ann Bailey

Training Plan Tuesday 19th June

Hi all, Just one try-dive, Nigel’s step-daughter, Angelina. I’ll look after her, with some help from Nigel, I suspect! David will do OT4 with Matt, Ellie and Callum. This is the difficult dive planning lesson so you will need your tables with you guys. Dave will refresh skills with George in the pool. Suze will

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Training Plan Tuesday 12th June

Hi all, We have one, possibly two try-dives this week. Will Rob and Dave C be available in case Alisha (who is a swimming instructor for BPL, brings her step dad…who she says is also interested in a try-dive but she hasn’t confirmed whether he’s coming or not yet…sigh!) Since Matt and Ellie will not

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Training Plan 5th June

Hi all, An early training plan again this week as I’m off camping for the weekend! We are a bit short of instructors this week as both Paul and Dave are away so….. we have two try-dives again, Becky Price and her partner. Rob and I will do these. David will finish OT2 with Matt,

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Training Plan 29th May 2018

Hi all, Back from a successful dive trip, many thanks to Paul for organising it. Great diving even if Fuerte Ventura did live up to its name keeping the sea fairly choppy and us fairly chilly at times! Two try-dives this week again (assuming they turn up). They are Dean Harston and his son. Dave

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Training plan 22nd May 2018

Hi, An early training plan this week because I’m off to Fuerte Ventura to go diving again tomorrow, (not gloating…honest!) Yet again we have two try-dives, Darianne and her partner… and they have confirmed. Paul T and Dave C will do these. Pam Tarn will be coming along with a couple of Wombwell members to

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Training plan Tuesday 15th May

Hi all, A fairly successful day at Capernwray yesterday despite a couple of medical hiccups! Nothing too serious thankfully. Yet another very busy evening to come with two try-dives and all the new recruits. Rob and Dave C will do the try-dives, that’s Amy Morrell and her Mum (I think). Paul R will do a

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Training Plan 8th May 2018

Hi all, Good news! We have 4 new trainees starting the Ocean Diver course this week (and two more next week!). I’m encouraging them to sign up to BSAC online beforehand so Mary may be relieved of a bit of paperwork…if the system is working! Once they are all signed up perhaps Rob will give

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