Author: Ann Bailey

Training plan 22nd August

Hi all,   As things were so quiet last week because of holidays and the footie match, I’m not totally sure who will be at club next Tuesday (in terms of instructors AND trainees)  so this is rather a stab at a training plan.   We have one try-dive, Nick Wray, Dave P will do

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Training Plan Tuesday 15th August

Hi everyone, There’s a lot of people away this week so we’ve decided not to do a kit night this month. Back to normal in September. Also, there’s another home match at Barnsley FC so the traffic might be bad around 7.30. Suze is coming into club to do a briefing for all those going

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Training plan Tuesday 8th August 2017

Hi all, Just one try-dive this week. A youngster called Henry Chapman, Dave C will look after him. Chris N will do the second half of OT3 (from slide 12) with Oliver and then continue in the pool. Chris B will do OT2 with Shaz (including a demo of kit set-up and dismantle either in

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Training plan 1st August 2017

Hi all, A fairly quiet week this time with no try-dives. Jack F, George and Oliver are all up to theory lesson 3 (OT3) so I suggest that Paul R does half of this lesson with then (it’s a very long one so best split into two halves). After that they can go in the

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Training Plan 25th July 2017

Hi all, Sorry for the lateness of this plan; yet another busy weekend! Having not seen many people last week because of the pool closure and therefore, not knowing exactly who’s available, this week’s plan is a bit fluid. However, this is what I think will be happening: Shaz Bailey, who came to visit two

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Training plan 18th July 2017

Hi all, It’s a kit night this week and the subject is regulators and compasses. It would be great if a few more experienced members would come along and bring their kit to talk to our trainees/newer members and give them the benefit of their kit knowledge. As usual there’s quite a lot of training

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Training Plan 11th July 2017

Hi all, An early training plan this week as again I have a busy weekend. We’re a bit short of instructors this week so apologies to those who will be missing out, you will be top of the list next week. Rob will be doing drysuit training with Simon Chris B will be in the

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