Author: Ann Bailey

Training Plan 18th April 2017

Hi all, We have three try-divers again this week. David Turner is returning for a second try-dive with his Daughter, Emily and Kelly is bringing a friend to do a try-dive. Please can Rob, Chris N and Dave P do these. Perhaps Chris can do the talky bit at the beginning of the evening to

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Training Plan 11th April 2017

Hi all, Well! What a great day we had at 8 Acre Lake today. Such beautiful weather!! Well done to Sonny, Hannah and Will for completing their drysuit training and OS1. This week Alexis will be giving his presentation on ‘A physio’s guide to injury prevention for divers’, so I suggest that training doesn’t start

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Training plan 4th April 2017

Hi all, Quite a lot happening in the pool this week, which is great. There are two try-dives, Nicola and Daniel Sykes, Steve and I will do those. Dave C is not available this week so Dave P please continue pool training with Stan (OS4). Stan, don’t forget to bring in your check list for

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Stop press!! Adjustment to training plan

Ooops! No sooner had I pressed send on the training plan when I realised I’d missed Chris N out! How could I? Anyway, it means that Chris can do ST2 with James and again, any other sports diver trainees who want to sit in for revision. There’s a lot of SD trainees who must be

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Training plan 28th March 2017

Hi, This week it is ‘fun with rebreathers’ part two. Mick and Alex are definites for having a go, Charles and Cameron also asked for a try but they may not be able to get to club so if anyone else wants to come to take up the place, just let Paul know. Also in

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Start of Open Water Training

Hi again, I’m pleased to confirm that we have a number of instructors available for open water training at Capernwray on both 22nd and 23rd April. So, this is an ideal opportunity for both Ocean and Sports Diver trainees to make good progress with their open water training. On both days the instructors will plan

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Training plan 21st March 2017

Hi all, Being the third Tuesday in the month it’s kit night this week and the subject is computers. So that trainees can make best use of the opportunity to talk to our more experienced divers about their kit, the committee have suggested that on kit nights theory training doesn’t start until 8pm at the

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