Author: Ann Bailey

Training plan 27th June 2017

Hi all, We are again a bit short of instructors again this week so those of you who are missed out please be patient, you will be included next week. We have two try-dives, Ross and his wife. Steve and Tim will do these. Tim, can you please be ready at the door to meet

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Training Plan 20th June 2017

Hi all, A busy schedule this week; we’re back to nearly full instructor strength…we’re going to need them as there have been loads of people emailing us about wanting to learn to dive, perhaps, Rob, we might break the 60 members barrier yet! On that note, we will probably get a visit this week from

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Saturday evening meal at Oblo, Eyemouth

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Training Plan 13th June 2017

Hi all, Two try-dives this week, Katie and Oliver Rutter (13). Chris N and Ann will do these. Paul R will do OT2 with Jack F (and Jess too if she’d like to sit in) and then go down to poolside to look at the kit and set up and dismantle a SCUBA. Tim to

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Training plan 6th June 2017

Hi all, This week we have a informal presentation from Graham, a diver who is blind and who has set all sorts of deep diving records despite his disability. It should be really interesting and inspirational and more of a chat than a presentation so please come armed with your questions to ask him. We’ll

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FUN NIGHT Tuesday 30th May

Hi all, This coming Tuesday is going to be our first FUN NIGHT! This means that training will be restricted to theory for our new Ocean Diver trainees (as below) and the pool will be completely free for our qualified divers (and those who are pool signed off) to have a bit of fun. Have

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Training Plan 23rd May 2017

Hi All, We’re back from our brilliant trip to Roots Camp in Egypt. 17 lovely dives in warm (25-26o C) water with, as always, beautiful coral scenery, a wonderful array of reef fish and a few special extras like green and hawksbill turtles and an eagle and a guitar ray. Sadly, I learnt the hard

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