Author: Ann Bailey

Training plan 18th July 2017

Hi all, It’s a kit night this week and the subject is regulators and compasses. It would be great if a few more experienced members would come along and bring their kit to talk to our trainees/newer members and give them the benefit of their kit knowledge. As usual there’s quite a lot of training

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Training Plan 11th July 2017

Hi all, An early training plan this week as again I have a busy weekend. We’re a bit short of instructors this week so apologies to those who will be missing out, you will be top of the list next week. Rob will be doing drysuit training with Simon Chris B will be in the

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Open water opportunity

Hello again, I’ve just remembered that Rob asked me to advertise the fact that he will be going to Capernwray on the 8th July so this is an opportunity for training and/or experience dives. If you’d like to join Rob please email him directly ( or talk to me on Tuesday. How much training Rob

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Training Plan 4th July 2017

Hi all, Sorry this is a bit late, life has been fairly hectic over the weekend. I hope those concerned don’t mind me putting initials after their names but there could be a lot of confusion if I don’t. We now have two Georges, two Wills, two Jacks, two Daves, two Chris’ and three Pauls!

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8 Acre Success

A very successful day at 8 Acre Lake today. Hannah has qualified as an Ocean Diver and Stan completed three dives towards his qualifications. Well done to them and thanks to all who supported today.

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Training plan 27th June 2017

Hi all, We are again a bit short of instructors again this week so those of you who are missed out please be patient, you will be included next week. We have two try-dives, Ross and his wife. Steve and Tim will do these. Tim, can you please be ready at the door to meet

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Training Plan 20th June 2017

Hi all, A busy schedule this week; we’re back to nearly full instructor strength…we’re going to need them as there have been loads of people emailing us about wanting to learn to dive, perhaps, Rob, we might break the 60 members barrier yet! On that note, we will probably get a visit this week from

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