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Hi all,

With open water training going on this week and next a lot of our
instructors are being kept busy and not available for pool work. This means
there is loads of space in the pool on both Tuesday and Thursday for anyone
wanting to brush up their skills. This is the penultimate week that we will
have both nights so please make good use of the pool over the next
fortnight while we are paying for it!! If you have your own kit you can
just turn up at 8pm, if you need stuff from the cage please let Adrian know
( email

*TUESDAY 10th August*

*David P * will continue with Tony Rouse in preparation for open water
training next Wednesday.

*Chris N* will welcome our latest recruit, Joanne and do OS1 with her.

*Rob *will do a skills recap with Andrei for a pool sign off and to
prepare for open water

*Sammy *will do a try dive with Rebecca Curtis

*Charles *will do a try dive with Rebecca’s partner/friend.

*Nigel * will do ST5 with Ken and Steve starting 7.30pm on Zoom. The usual

*THURSDAY 12th August*

*Dave C *will continue with Leonie on OS5

*Chris *will do OS2 with Joanne

*David P *will continue with Tony Rouse

*Nigel * will do OS3 (I think) with Devin

Thanks all,


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