Dive Trips 2015

Hi, well this year’s diving season is nearly finished so it’s time to think about 2015.

We already have trips organised to Oban boat diving and Egypt shore diving and Egypt liveaboard. At the time of writing there is one space left on the Oban and liveaboard trips so contact Rob and Mark Hatfield respectively if you are interested. Trevor can still book you on the Egypt trip if anyone wants to go.

Also Jim will be organising the Farnes trip in July. This is diving from a RIB with a great chance to dive with seals.

We are also proposing shore diving off the east coast just north of Whitby. Probably in May. A great chance to experience sea diving. If you fancy this please tell Mark Hatfield so he can judge interest.

Also does anyone fancy boat diving in Eyemouth in April. If so let me know and I will organise it.

To get the new season started we shall be running the Practical Rescue Management course in March. On a Sunday at Blue Lagoon with Dave Patchett. If you need this as part of your qualifications then make sure you book on it. However, it is open to all, it is fun and a great chance to refresh skills.

We also plan to arrange DSMB skills practice for those who want to go sea diving and do not have this skill. It will be in the pool on a couple of Tuesday night’s in March. Details to follow.

Finally if anyone wants a club T shirt see Chris Hill.

Cheers Paul

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