Diving Costs

What does it all cost?

Training, diving and qualifying with Barnsley BSAC is great value with upfront costs for adults of just over £100 and around another £150 over the course of your training. This includes your BSAC registration (£59), club membership fee (£9.17 per month) and other sundry costs such as training manuals, kit hire and dive site entrance fees.

Access to the Metrodome’s dive pool is included in your branch fee.

What if I already have a dive qualification?

You would need to join BSAC (£59) and pay our monthly branch fee (£9.17 per month) – and that’s it! If you choose to progress your training, then the first training pack costs £43. Further qualification packs cost £22.

Family membership?

To help keep overall costs down we can support shared cost arrangements (abated) for things like family membership. Please ask us for details!

Diving Trip Costs

The costs of diving trips vary quite widely. This is because we cater for all budgets and holiday trip types. Typical costs are:

  • Day diving at an inland quarry (includes entrance fee and air fills) – £20 to £30
  • Weekend Diving at Plymouth (includes boat fee, air fills and B&B) – £200 to £300
  • Long Weekend (Thu-Mon) Diving at the Sound of Mull (boat, lodgings and air) – £300 to £400
  • Week long foreign dive trip (Flights, accommodation, boat fees) – £700 to £1000
  • Week long luxury liveaboard on the Red Sea (Flights, cabin, boat fees) – £1200 to £1600

These examples are just to give you an idea – but we regularly publish details of our planned club trips on our Website and Facebook page. To get a better idea of costs, please take a look at our current trip plans.

Try before you dive!

If you’re unsure about becoming a member, why not do a try-dive costing just £20? This will help you decide if diving is right for you before starting the full course.


Book a Trydive!
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