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Restarting the dive club!

I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that we have, at last, got the go-ahead to restart pool diving sessions at the Metrodome! We do not have access to the clubroom yet so instead we have negotiated use of the dive pool from 7.30 through to 9pm and possibly 9.30pm. on a Tuesday evening. This

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StAbbs Dash Highlights

Another awesome shore dive at St Abbs, part of the stunning Berwickshire Marine Reserve. Dives were logged on the famous Cathedral Rock, followed by Broad Craig. Energy levels were replenished at the wonderful Ebbcarrs Cafe – it was great to see local businesses picking back up.

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Greenends Dash Highlights

Here are the video highlights from our weekend dash up the A1 to catch perfect tides and weather conditions at Greenends Gully. Six of us grabbed two dives in great viz, and, completed the circumnavigation from Greenends Gully to Nestends. A great day out!!

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Farnes 2020 Trip Report

Our first UK sea dive following lock-down – at the Farne Islands National Nature Reserve in Billy Shiels Glad Tidings VIII. Amazing viz, great seal interaction and a superb dive on the wreck of the SS Abyssinia. An added bonus was sharing the boat with Ben Burville (@sealdiver), the seal whisperer. Learned some amazing things

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Congratulation Rhys Isherwood – Ocean Diver

High fives to Rhys Isherwood who has successfully completed his Ocean Diver course, completing he remaining module son his exam, at the end of May. Well done Rhys – we hope to see you back in the water following lockdown!

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Barnsley BSAC Divers Return to Diving

Following a recent meeting the committee would like to update you on our proposed outline for a return to diving. Pool Diving We have not yet received information from BPL about a proposed opening date for the pool. As soon as we have further information regarding this we will get in contact with you to

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Congratulations George & Henry

Firstly, congratulations to Henry Chapman who successfully qualified as an Ocean Diver in August 2019! Yes, you read that correctly – 2019! The completion of his qualification nearly slipped through our net unnoticed. He’s now well on the way with his Sports Diver studies during lock down. And also congratulations to George Valianis who successfully

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