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Training plan 10th July

Hi all, an early training plan it’s week as I’m away for a long weekend to the even sunnier south coast…not to dive,sadly but I will get a dip in the sea….preparation for the Farnes! No try-dives this week so….Rob will continue with Matt and Ellie. Start on OT5 and/or finish off pool work. Aim

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Training Plan Tuesday 3rd July

Hi all, A fairly quiet evening this week….could this be because of the football? I know of two people who’ve said they’d rather watch football than dive (I can’t understand it myself) but if that applies to you too, please let us know so the instructors can escape if they want to as well! Just

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Eight Acre Lake – Search Dives Completed!

Suze, Helen & Rob completed a few dives out at Eight Acre Lake today in near topical conditions! Search dive (AD) skills completed for Rob & Suze – and thanks to Suze for acting as the weight bearer and general problem solver!!! Robs ideas suck!!

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Training Plan 26th June

Hi all, A great open water training day today, good weather, water not tooo cold and everyone got something signed off. Well done all and many thanks to David and Paul for instructing and Dean and Adrian for their support. Another fairly busy night next Tuesday. We have one definite try-dive, Sophie Higgins, which Suze

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Training Plan Tuesday 19th June

Hi all, Just one try-dive, Nigel’s step-daughter, Angelina. I’ll look after her, with some help from Nigel, I suspect! David will do OT4 with Matt, Ellie and Callum. This is the difficult dive planning lesson so you will need your tables with you guys. Dave will refresh skills with George in the pool. Suze will

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Well done Amy, Debbie & Mary

Congratulations go to Amy Howard, Debbie Senior and Mary Smith who have each successfully completed the BSAC Snorkel Instructor Training Course and Assessment (SITCA) this weekend! Well done guys!!

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Training Plan Tuesday 12th June

Hi all, We have one, possibly two try-dives this week. Will Rob and Dave C be available in case Alisha (who is a swimming instructor for BPL, brings her step dad…who she says is also interested in a try-dive but she hasn’t confirmed whether he’s coming or not yet…sigh!) Since Matt and Ellie will not

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