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Training Plan 8th February

Hi all, A quiet night in the pool so there’s plenty of space for our trainees who are pool signed off…Joanna,Will, Iain,…to buddy up and practice those rescue skills. It won’t be long before we’re into open water and you’ll need the skills to be second nature! *In the pool.* *Steve* will look after Maisie

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Scapa Flow Spaces – May 2022

Hi all – Doncaster BSAC has a space open on their Scapa trip this May. It’s on the MV Karin, £600 for the boat (inc accommodation on board). The dates are Friday 13th May – Saturday 21st May. Please contact RobM if interested.

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Training plan 1st February

*Hi all,* Well, we’re back from our adventures in Bonaire. It’s a long way to go for a week…but it’s really worth it! Sorry this is a bit late today. I’ve had to post a few questions about how things went last week and I’ve been waiting for replies. This is what I know so

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Lots of lovely turtles

It’s been turtle-fest the last couple of days, I think Linda and Trevor are just as besotted with them as me. And I’ve thrown in a few spectacular fishes for good measure. On our way home tomorrow evening so no more diving but it’s been a great trip to Bonaire.

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News from Bonaire

Another great days diving. We did two dives we’ve never done before including under the salt pier. Some gorgeous gorgonian fans, daddy, mummy and baby squid, a turtle for me AND some rusty metal for Rob and Paul!

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Fabulous fishes of Bonaire

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Training Plan 25th January

Hi All from sunny Bonaire, Our first day has gone well. Two dives done on the house reef here at Buddy Dive. The reef is very vibrant, teeming with life. All sorts of reef fish including parrot fish, box fish, triggerfish…too many to mention them all. There are never many crustaceans here but today I

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