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8 Acre Lake Sat 30th September

Hi All Alastair and I are going to 8 Acre Lake on Saturday 30th Sept for a pleasure dive. We aim to get there for 9 am. if anyone wants to join us feel free but let me know so we look out for you. If you need to know how to get there (satnav

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St Abbs Day Trip – Sat 16th Sept

Hi All – you may have heard that I’m planning a day dash to St Abbs (a marine reserve just over the Scottish border) on Saturday the 16th Sept. The intention is to carry out two sea shore dives – probably Seagull Rock and/or Broad Craig. This is open to ALL diver grades, but would

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Open water training

Hi all, Having done a bit of canvassing last week I now have three dates (determined by instructor availability) for open water diving. The details I have so far are listed below. If you want to add your name to any of the days or suggest further ones please let me know: 1. Rob wants

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Off-gassing in Tobermory

Just had a great dive on the Hispania in Mull. Just preparing ourselves for our next dive on the Shuna.

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Training plan 5th September 2017

Hi all, Now the holiday season is mostly over we’re getting back to our normal monthly schedule through September. So, this Tuesday is presentation night and Nick is going to tell us all about the Portugal trip including, I hope, that brilliant picture of the ‘flying gurnard’! As Nick is needed in the cage later

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Training plan 29th August 2017

Hi all, My, where has the year gone? Nearly September already! There are still a lot of Sports Diver trainees with open water stuff to complete and a few Ocean Diver trainees too. We will be looking to book up at least two, if not more open water days/weekends at either Capernwray or 8 Acre

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Training Plan B

Sorry Everybody, I had a feeling there would be some fall out from my training plan so here is a new version with alterations: Dave P to do the try dive. Chris B work with Shaz. Dave C work with George. OT3 (from slide 12) and/or continue in the pool. Steve start OT4 with Oliver

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