Scapa Diary – Day 7

“Guns ‘n’ Roses”

Today was the day of repeats – the team re-visited the SMS Coln and the Block Ship ‘Tabarka’.

First dive was the SMS Coln for which the team had set itself the objective of finding and photographing the three sets of guns – the 88mm high elevation gun, and, the two sets of stern mounted 6” guns. The dive went completely to plan with all team members visiting all three sets of guns. The big 6” guns were far too big for still photography, but some motion photography was attempted.

Following the dive, the team had several hours of surface time in order to wait for slack water in order to re-dive the block ship ‘Tabarka’. This gave the team a couple of hours shopping in Stromness to buy lobsters and lamb for the evening meal.

By the time the team dived the ‘Tabarka’ the skies had clouded over which unfortunately made it a slightly darker dive than yesterday, but still no less than impressive. The current picked up quicker than yesterdays dive which resulted in a high speed drift whilst ascending on DSMB’s, but the skipper was once again in the right place to pick up all divers quickly.

Life is tough in the Orkneys – the team had to eat in and make do with roast lamb, lobster and scallops.

Percy the Posing Puffin will return…

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