Start of Open Water training and preparation for it.

Hi All,

I have fixed two dates to start the Open Water training for this year. For
Sports Divers we are offering the 23rd and/or 24th April and for Ocean
Divers the 14th and/or 15th May. Both weekends will be at Capernwray and
the decision as to whether we do one or two days on each occasion will
depend on your take-up.

To help with my planning please could trainees and any other qualified
divers who want to come for experience/ as support, email me to let me know
that you are interested in attending either of these weekends and if you
want Saturday, Sunday or if you could make either/both.

In preparation, this coming Tuesday I’m including the start of drysuit
training which is theory only initially. I already have Devin, Will, Steve
B and Tony on my list…is anyone else interested?

Also, could any SD trainees who have not yet done the rescue skills lesson
in the pool let me know today or tomorrow if they can make this coming
Tuesday as if there are more takers I will include another session of this.

OD trainees, it will be a bit cold in the water in May but hopefully the
sun will be shining on us which makes life a little more pleasant! At the
start of your open water training we recommend that you manage with a 7mm
wetsuit hired from Capernwray. This is because adding the complication of
diving with a drysuit could make things very difficult for you. If you are
concerned about the cold then it may be better for you to continue
practicing in the pool and wait until the next open water opportunity. This
is totally your choice.

I’ll put together a full plan for next Tuesday and send it out on Sunday as
usual….don’t forget to reply to this email if you want to be included in
the drysuit or rescue skills sessions.


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