Training Plan 10th December

Hi all,

So for the last training plan of 2019…where did that year go? Apologies for the lateness of this plan but it’s a fairly short one as some of our trainees have found better things to this Tuesday! It means some of our instructors are getting a bit of a night off !

Just one try-dive this week, David Beever, Chris N will look after him.

Dave C will be in the pool with Martin (OS2-3, I think)

David P will be in the pool with Colleen…they know where they’re up to.

Suze will do ST6 with Dan

Mark will do OT4 with Will, Aaron and Tony.

Ann will do OD revision with Kacey, Selina and Humphrey and complete Abbie’s OD Theory test.

We have a visitor, Damien Rowe coming this week to check us out. He did a try-dive in Cancun and thinks he might like to start diving. What’s there to think about!!? It would be nice if we had some qualified members around to chat to him.

On a bit of a serious note, the AGM is coming up on the 21st January. The club is currently going from strength to strength…the world and his wife seem to be keen to learn to dive at the moment. However, I’m sure you’re all aware that the current committee members have been looking after this club for quite some time now and it would be soooo good to have some new blood to take the club forward in 2020. I, for one, feel that I have been Training Officer for quite long enough now so would like to stand down either during or at the end of next year. I feel my instructor qualifications are being wasted, I would very much like to do more instructing and less organising on a Tuesday evening. Thus, I am looking for someone who has the time (and patience) to shadow my role from January with a view to taking over whenever they are comfortable with it. I think you all know what I do, there are those who say I make the job too labour intensive because I’m a bit of a control freak. Perhaps you can think of a better, less onerous way of doing it? I’m saying this now so that you have time over the Christmas break to think about it…rather than spring it on people at the AGM. If you feel you could support the club in any of the committee roles please let one of us know after Christmas. Thank you.


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