Training Plan 11th June

Hi all,

Things are getting quieter and quieter at the moment now that a lot of trainees have finished their theory and sheltered water lessons. I’ve booked in an extra try-dive this week so we have three.

Chris N will look after Lorraine Hirst who is doing her second try-dive as she was a little flakey after the first.

Nigel will look after Lilly Atkins who’s 14.

Sammy will look after Savahna Newton who’s 13.

Mark will do OT3 with Rhys

Tim will continue with Babs in the pool (with Ali to help out!)

Alexis will be available to help out anyone who needs to practice skills, get used to their drysuit, use hoods and gloves etc..If you are pool signed off and coming to practice don’t forget to buddy check with someone before you get into the pool and make sure Alexis knows what you plan to do.

Rob, David and I will be available to advise anyone who needs help with planning to go to Capernwray next weekend. If it’s your first time don’t hesitate to come in and ask questions. We may be able to organise some car sharing for people going alone.


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