Training Plan 11th September

Hi all,

A very busy week this week now that holiday times are over.

Paul R and Tim will look after the two try-dives, Claire Mc Hale’s daughter (14, I think) and Mark Summerton.

Chris will continue with Tony Jakins, (Chris, Tony has requested a longer session in the pool to help build his confidence over finning and buoyancy control please.)

David will continue with Angelina.

Paul T will work with our newest recruit Adrian Peel. (For your info, Paul, Adrian is a BSAC Advanced Diver who hasn’t dived for a long time. He’s keen to get back into it but probably needs some rust knocking off. Please do a general skills review. Thanks.)

Suze will do DT1 with Helen, Mick and Adrian. (Sorry Suze, I’ll get you back to some more AD theory next week, hopefully).

Dean will help Debbie with a skills review especially mask clearing and reg recovery in hood and gloves.

And that’s it for Tuesday I think. However, for those of you going to the Open Water training day at Capernwray next weekend, you need to come into club to collect the kit you need this Tuesday. I’ll be sending out a briefing email for next weekend just after this one.


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