Training Plan 12th February

Hi all,

Sorry for the lateness of this training plan, it’s been a tricky one to do. The master plan is to finish a bit early so the Instructors can have a meeting after training to sort out the Open Water dates for the forthcoming season. There’s a lot of pool work to be done this week so to get it done in time we all need to head down to poolside by 8pm to be in the water asap and out by 9.10pm latest. Apologies in advance to the equipment officers as the instructors will be rushing off to the meeting at the end of the evening. Apologies to other members as well this week as the pool will be pretty full. Anyone around who could help with kitting up / de-kitting trainees or helping out the equipment officers would be most welcome though.

So, to the plan.

We have 2 try-dives, James and Darryl. Alex will look after one and Sammy the other. Tim and David will also be involved here to check the try-dives go well and provide constructive feedback.

Chris S will continue with Ruby in the pool.

Chris N will work with Dylan in the pool.

Rob will work with Mate and Dominik in the pool.

Geoff will do ST 2 with Callum, Steve, Dave and Ken.

Ann will be in the pool with Mackenzie.

See y’all Tuesday,


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