Training plan 17th October 2017

Hi all,

Two try-dives again this week. Tim and Paul R will look after Liam and Tom Doyle (brothers) try-diving and possibly other family members looking on as Mum, Dad and sister were bitten by the bug on holiday this year and they all want to dive together in the long-run…could be five more trainees!

Paul T will do ST4 with Cameron and any other SD trainees who need the revision. This is the lesson with all the tables stuff in so good to look over again before taking the SD theory test (hint, hint!)

Rob will continue in the pool with Shaz and George to sort out AS and CBL. If Alexis is keen to get wet he may like to be their casualty?

Dave C will do OT4 with Debbie and Jack and Jess if they are available.

Steve will do a review of pool skills with Oliver.

And that’s about it except that I’d like to give advanced warning of our next fun night which will be on 31st November. There will be no try-dives and no pool training that night so plenty of scope for qualified divers and those with pool skills signed off to play silly games and put their diving skills to strange uses! Put the date in your diary now.


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