Training Plan 18th April 2017

Hi all,

We have three try-divers again this week. David Turner is returning for a second try-dive with his Daughter, Emily and Kelly is bringing a friend to do a try-dive. Please can Rob, Chris N and Dave P do these. Perhaps Chris can do the talky bit at the beginning of the evening to free up Rob and Dave to brief people for Capernwray.

Ideally, everyone who is going to Capernwray next weekend should come to club this Tuesday (although I know Alex and Mandi are away until Friday). Rob (for Saturday) and Dave (for Sunday) will be doing briefings starting at about 7.45. Make sure you collect from the cage any bits of kit/cylinders you need.

Paul T will be bringing in the rebreather again for those who wanted to have a go….Mick, Charles and Cameron. Please let him know if for any reason you can’s make it.

Apart from this, just a little bit of training, Dave C will be doing OS5 with Stan and Chris B will be doing tables revision with Paul M (sorry Paul, we have a few instructors away for various reasons so no one else available to go in the pool with you. Bring your swimming stuff along though in case any of the try-divers don’t turn up).

We also have a visitor coming along to chat about learning to dive with BSAC. Paul R, please could you look out for him. His name is GeorgeValianis.

With so much going on it’s probably best if we postpone the kit night on wetsuits until the following week. So far, no try-divers have been booked in for next week so there should be loads of space in the pool. Let’s make use of a quiet night and have some pool games!


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