Training Plan 18th February

Hi all,

This week, Rob will be giving a presentation entitled ‘Save a Dive’, starting promptly at 7.40. Rob will be helping us to understand and deal with those annoying technical things that can go wrong with our dive kit which, if not sorted properly, can result in us losing a dive…and perhaps even the whole day’s dives. The presentation will take place in the normal clubroom and will go on ‘til about 8.15. After that there will be training as normal although slightly limited in time so if anyone wants to creep out before the end of the presentation and get to the cage a littler earlier it will save queues for equipment. Once all the trainees have left Rob will be available to answer questions and go into more detail with the qualified divers attending. Rob and Paul Tarn have prepared ‘Save a Dive Kits’ of spares and the useful tools he will be demonstrating. These will be for sale after the presentation.

Pool training:

David P will start OS1 with Khia and Dylan Sefton (Khia’s Grandad is an experienced diver and may be helping her with kitting up and getting to the pool).

Charles will work with Tony in the pool (OS2/3)

Mark will continue with Phil in the pool (more work on OS3 I think)

Sammy will work with Colleen in the pool (OS5 and a skills review, I think)

Chris S will do OS2 with Alfie


Alexis will do as much of OT2 as can be fitted in after the presentation with Stephen, Janine and Mark Sefton

Nigel will finish ST4 with the sports diver trainees (Rob can advise where they’re up to).

We also have two try-dives this week, Alison and Rebecca. These will be taken by Ann and Steve Dearman who, thanks to Linda, will be starting in the pool earlier, again to ease the queues at the cage.

Another busy night!


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