Training plan 18th July 2017

Hi all,

It’s a kit night this week and the subject is regulators and compasses. It would be great if a few more experienced members would come along and bring their kit to talk to our trainees/newer members and give them the benefit of their kit knowledge.

As usual there’s quite a lot of training to get through:

Chris B will do a try-dive with Chris Booth

Tim will do ST2 with Elliot and Sonny (and Cameron too if he would like to get stuck into some sports diver training. No worries if you can’t make it Cameron but it would be good to get you caught up with Elliot and Sonny). Perhaps Tim, you can delay the start of the lesson until about 8ish to give the trainees time to join in the kit discussions?

Dave P will do a pool sign off with Paul M

Chris N will you do the first half of OT3 with Oliver and then take him in the pool,.

Rob will continue pool work with Jack F. Jess can go in with them if she wants.

Ann will watch over Sammy and Stan doing theory exams (or revision, if that’s what you want to do Stan)

Dave C can you please be available to take a new member, Alastair (who’s coming in to sign up) in the pool if he wants to. He’s just completed a PADI Open Water course but wants to dive with us in the future…BSAC is best, ok !!

Hope to see lots of people on Tuesday,


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