Training plan 18th June

Hi all,

Sorry this is a bit late but I was tired after getting back from Capernwray yesterday and after the G&T that was placed in my hand as I opened the door, well…zzzzzz. However, a successful days training yesterday with Mate qualifying as an Ocean Diver, well done to him!

This week I have made a bit of a bloop by booking in four try dives which puts a lot of pressure on the cage to provide enough cylinders for everyone. If you’re a qualified diver coming in to get wet please note the pool will be quite crowded and if you can bring your own cylinder in it will be appreciated. However…please mark in your diary the 2nd July when we will be having a skills review night for qualified divers. No try-dives, no trainees just plenty of instructors and pool space so we can get everyone up to scratch! If you’re planning on going on the Farnes trip this is a MUST for you! Oooh! Aren’t I getting bossy?!

So, to the training plan and first the try-dives:

Chris N and Alexis will look after Steve Hales and his sister Kim.

David will look after Paul Knee,

Sammy will look after Kacey Morgan.

Mark will continue Rhys’ pool training…OS4 I think but make sure all of OS3 is complete.

Rob will take Debbie in the pool to see how much she’s forgotten.

Suze will do OT6 with Babs

Ann will do OT4 with Armya.

That leaves Nigel free to help any of our pool signed off trainees with practicing.

See y’all Tuesday,


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