Training plan 19th July and Open Water 31st July

Hi all,

Loads of people are away on hols or working this week so a very short
training plan. This means there is oodles of space in the pool so if you
want to practice or try out some kit, this Tuesday is a good day to do it!
No need to check with me.

*In the pool:*

*David *will do OS3 with Janet Mattinson

*In the room:*

*Alexis* will do ST3 with Christian and Alexander and any other SD trainees
who need that lesson

And I think that’s it! Again, if I’ve missed you out please nudge me
before Tuesday and I’ll sort it out.

So, to the next *Open Water Training Session* which will be on Sunday
31st July at Capernwray.
The following are the participants I have down so far, please check this
and let me know if I’ve got anything wrong:

David, Tim, DC and Matt instructing.

The OD trainees I have are Leonie, Zara, Jaene and possibly Jo doing OO1
and 2 and Will doing OO3 and 4.

In addition Finley would like to do some SD training if we have enough

Dean and Humphrey and possibly Lee will be along for pleasure
diving/training support and Dave H would like to do the DPL towards his SD

If anyone else wants to be included (all welcome as always), please let me
know by next weekend so I can add you to the list I give to the dive
manager to plan the day….especially if any other instructors are
available. Thanks.

Finally, there may be another open water training session on 14th August…
if you’re interested please let me know and get the date in your diary.


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