Training Plan 19th November;

Hi all,
I won’t be there next week but I know Dave or Dean will be around to meet
and greet and have a handle on the training plan.
Two try-dives this week. Mark will look after Stephen Bradshaw (who has
already paid) and Suze will look after Charlotte Booth who hasn’t, as yet confirmed her attendance….sorry Suze, I’ll email her again but if she doesn’t turn up you could work wit Selina in the pool, see below, she needs to work on CBL. There are try-dive packs in the cupboard next to the
Nigel will continue in the pool with Aaron,
Richard will be in the pool with Ryan and Adam. It’s a long time since
they’ve been in the pool so a recap of basic skills is probably in order before
continuing to anything new. Please bring your QRBs with you Ryan and Adam.
Sammy will be in the pool with Colleen. Likewise Colleen hasn’t been in the
pool for a while so as above.
Chris N will do OT1 with Phil Gibson
Chris S will do OT3 with Will, Martin and Tony (Because of work Dave
sometimes doesn’t get in til 8ish so no panic if he’s not there on the
No sports diver lesson this week, sorry. I’m going to start a new round of
SD training in the new year as I know we have 2 or 3 people wanting to get
started. Watch this space!
Selina, there’s loads of space in the pool so why not get some skills practice in? You can also do a bit of pool cleaning (good
for buoyancy control). Just buddy check with an EO and ask them for the net and take the debris (Yuk!)
back to them at the end.
 And that’s it.  I hope it all goes well.Ann

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