Training plan 19th September

Hi all,

No try dives this week so just lots of training!

Chris B will continue with Shaz, perhaps some theory (part of OT6) and pool if they get started early enough.

Tim will work with Jack F and George V. Jack needs the second half of OT3 (from slide 12) but then both are at about the same level (OS2 ish) to continue in the pool.

Chris N, continue with Oliver in the pool (I think).

David P will do OS1 with Debbie and Henry. Both have done OT1 and OT2 but this will be their first pool session.

Emmeline will be signing up. I’ve asked her to come in as early as possible so that, after she’s signed up Suze can do OT2 with her and Daniel Stephenson. Once the theory is done, Emmeline and Daniel need to do their swim test please Suze.

Paul T will do ST3 with Cameron and Sonny and anyone else who wants to do this for revision. Isn’t it about time some of you SD trainees had a go at theory test??!

I think that’s all for Tuesday. Please could everyone remember to bring in their qualification records, get the instructors to sign up what you’ve done and transfer it onto my training record board. Remember, if you forget to do this I may get you doing the same lesson twice!

Lastly, I confirmed with Rob today that he will be going to 8 Acre lake next Saturday (23rd) . His priority will be Jake doing OO1 and OO2. However, I know there are some Sports diver trainees also keen to make progress so if there is another instructor or dive leader willing to help out… it would be good. So far I have Jake, Adrian, Simon and Elliot interested in this day. Although Rob will not be at club on Tuesday I feel certain he will be in touch with a briefing during the week, please let him know if you are still interested in going.

Trevor and I will not be at club this week, we’re off to the Isle of Man to dive…really looking forward to it.

See you all Tuesday week,


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