Training plan 1st August 2017

Hi all,

A fairly quiet week this time with no try-dives.

Jack F, George and Oliver are all up to theory lesson 3 (OT3) so I suggest that Paul R does half of this lesson with then (it’s a very long one so best split into two halves). After that they can go in the pool with Dave P, Dave C and Chris N (respectively) to continue their pool work. Jess can join Dave P and Jack in the pool to refresh some skills too if she’d like to.

Jake and Paul M are soon to go into open water training so I suggest they practice together mask clearing and reg recovery skills with hood and gloves. I’ll bring a selection of hoods and gloves for you to practice with and will be available to help if you need advice.

Tim will do ST4 with any sports diver trainees who have yet to do it (Elliot and Sonny) OR need to revise it… James, Will, Amy, Mike, Simon, George, Adrian, Iona, Scott…..I know you’ve all done ST4 but might a refresher spur you into thinking about taking the SD theory exam…..???

Simon, if you want to bring in your drysuit we can discuss the best way forward with this.

Steve, if you’re available this week we have new members, Alastair and Nathan (both PADI qualified) who may be keen to get in the pool to practice and refresh skills.

See everyone on Tuesday,


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