Training plan 1st March

Hi all,

A very busy week with new starters and some SD training in the pool.

I’ll not be at the club so Dean will be looking after Bart and Shaun who
are the new starters. Bart is signing up to do Ocean Diver and Shaun, who
already has a PADI qualification so may be starting the new Advanced OD
course. Which reminds me, before I go on to the training plan, for all
those who were not at the presentation last week, BSAC has introduced a new
course called Advanced Ocean Diver. It uses some of the Sports Diver
lessons so is a stepping stone towards SD but allows you to gain a
qualification to dive to 30m without completing the whole SD course. All
the details about it are on the BSAC website. Have a look at:

So, to the training plan. *In the pool:*

*Dean* will sign up Bart and Shaun and do OT0, swim test (and snorkelling
if time) with them.

*Chris and DC * will do SS1 with Tony, Mate, Steve B and Devin. I suggest
you all meet up in the room initially to discuss the lesson. Matt, you
could observe/assist with this if you’re available.

*Charles* will do OS1 with Jaene

*David * will do OS2 with Paul and John

*Nigel *will do an OD refresher with Dominik

*Steve *will do a pool sign off with Rhiana

Henry and Finley have both said they’d like to refresh their skills so I
suggest they buddy together. If either does not turn up the other could
work with Nigel and Dominik.

*Rob * will do OT4 with Mick, Dane and Karl….probably in the room
assuming Rob is still testing negative for Covid. However, please look out
for an email from Rob on Monday if he needs to change to a lesson on MS

There are a lot in the pool this week, it might be a bit like Piccadilly
Circus, but please bear with it, on the 15th March we don’t have use of the
pool so I’m getting as much pool work done as possible this week and next.

Reminder, I’m away all day on Tuesday and will be incommunicado (big word!)
all afternoon so please, if you have any queries message me by Monday
evening latest. Thanks.


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