Training Plan 20th August

Hi all,

Three try-dives again this week, Dave C, Richard and Chris S will look after Ryan Wilson and his son Adam and Brett Driver.

Sammy will continue in the pool with Kacey.

David will do a skills refresher in the pool with Armya in preparation for open water. Armya has a new underwater camera he wants to try out so if you don’t want him to photograph you…please let him know!

Mark will do OT2 with Colleen and Selina

Rob will do DT 10 and DT 12 with Mick and Alexis (and Adrian if he wants to revise these).

Ann will finish the Ocean Diver theory test with Mackenzie and sign up Simon if he can get to club this week. (If you make it this week Simon bring your swimming stuff to do your swim test and some snorkelling).

A bit short and sweet this week but we’re in the middle of a busy open water training weekend and my brain is strained!!


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