Training plan 22nd August

Hi all,
As things were so quiet last week because of holidays and the footie match,
I’m not totally sure who will be at club next Tuesday (in terms of instructors
AND trainees)  so this is rather a stab at a training plan.
We have one try-dive, Nick Wray, Dave P will do this
Dave C please continue in the pool with Oliver (Oliver you need to bring along your ticklist so Dave knows where you’re up to)
Chris B will work with Shaz, since they’re both early arrivers (even when
getting in through the footie crowds) they should be able to do the first half
of OT3 and then continue with pool work.
Rob will do SS1 in the pool with Elliot, Sonny and Cameron. Steve, would you like to observe/help here?
Paul R please do some SD revision with Simon (and anyone else who’d like to join in). I suggest ST5 
We may get a visit from Daniel Stephenson who has been talking to Linda via
the facebook page and seems interested in joining the club. Also, Henry Chapman,
who came for a try-dive a couple of weeks ago may turn up to sign up. Trevor and
I will not be there this week so please could someone take note of what actually
happens and email me by the following weekend.

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