Training plan 23rd July

Hi all,

We have a group of four coming for try-dives together this week…so it’s just as well that a lot of our current trainees are on holiday or otherwise unavailable! The four are Kev, Kev’s dad Richard, Josh and Gaz. The four lucky instructors are Alexis, Dave C, Chris N and Mark….I’ll let you sort out who’s with who on Tuesday!

Apart from that, I will be signing up Mick Hitchen and then handing him over to David P for OT0 and swim test and snorkelling (if time)

I will then do OT5 with Armya

Sammy will take Savahna in the pool to do OS1

Debbie will be in the pool practicing for open water…there will be a DL there to help and advise, Debbie….and there’s plenty of room in the pool for others to join in!

Apologies to Lee, because both Angelina and Dan are not coming this week, I’ll put off doing ST2 until next week.

Please don’t forget to let me know if you’re wanting to join in the Open Water training weekend in August…remember there are only three more scheduled OW dates in the diary after this and what could be better for diving than warm water and sunshine in August? I’ve got the sunshine on order!


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