Training Plan 23rd May 2017

Hi All,

We’re back from our brilliant trip to Roots Camp in Egypt. 17 lovely dives in warm (25-26o C) water with, as always, beautiful coral scenery, a wonderful array of reef fish and a few special extras like green and hawksbill turtles and an eagle and a guitar ray. Sadly, I learnt the hard way that kicking the reef is not a good idea…but after some judicious first aid I didn’t have to let the gash in my foot spoil my diving!

There’s quite a lot of training going on this week but, just to remind everyone, the committee have decided to dedicate the last Tuesday in each month to a FUN NIGHT in the pool with competitions and challenges designed to give all you qualified divers (and all those Ocean Diver trainees whose pool skills have been signed off) a chance to get in the pool, hone your skills and gain extra confidence in a fun way. So…put it in your diary and turn up on the 30th May to get wet. (There will be no pool training or try-dives that night so instructors can join in too!).

But now, back to Tuesday 23rd and training….

We have two try-dives, Dawn Binns and Jack French please can Rob and Tim do these.

I will do a sports diver lesson, probably ST4 as a refresher for Simon and anyone else who needs it.

Dave C will continue pool work with Jake. Please update the record board after this lesson so I know where you’re up to. Thanks

Dave P will do the first half of OT3 with Nichola, Daniel and Jack and then take Nichola in the pool to continue OS1.

Chris N will take Daniel and Jack in the pool to continue OS1 (it may be just Daniel if Jack is busy revising for his GCSEs).

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday.


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