Training Plan 28th September

Hi all,

Please note, we will yet again be based in the Rigby Bar tonight (I think).
Also, the samples of tops with the club and BSAC logos will be available
again tonight for anyone who hasn’t ordered one yet to try on. If you want
one of these tops it is best to try the sizes (especially the lady’s ones)
as they are a bit bizarre.

We have a new set of Ocean Diver trainees starting this week so it would be
good to see as many club members as possible in the room (Rigby Bar) to
meet and greet them. I will sign them up and do OT0 with them and then
*Dean* will do snorkeling with them

*Nigel * will do drysuit training with *Iain*. If you get started promptly
NIj, you’ll probably have time to do theory and a first go in the pool? You
can complete this in a fortnight’s time.

*Chris *will continue with* Will Rutter*

*David* will work with *Leonie *OS4/5 I think

*Charles *will start crossover training with *Paul *starting with AAS,
donor, recipient, horizontal swim and lift and onto CBL if time allows

*Steve* will help *Becca* with perfecting skills in hood and gloves
in preparation for open water. Perhaps when she gets to AAS they can join
forces with Charles and Paul to get plenty of practice?

*Rob * will do ST1 in the room with anyone wanting to get started on the SD
theory. Rob will probably want to get started by 7.45 so please aim to
arrive on time.

*DC * will go over OT4 and do some general revision with *Marie and
using MS Teams. Dave will send out an invitation in time for a 7.30 start.

…and I think that’s covered everyone. We are temporarily a bit short of
instructors at the moment. Therefore, I may, for a month or so, have to
leave someone out of training on a busy evening, Please rest assured if I
miss you out one week, you will definitely be included the next week….and
remember, we have all winter to prepare all the existing trainees for open
water next spring…so there is no rush!


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