Training plan 3rd March

Hi all,

Please note that Alexis’s presentation has been postponed until next week (10th) so there will be training this week as usual. We also have two visitors coming to look over the club, a ‘rusty’ PADI diver who may want to join to refresh and start diving again and an 18 year old possible new starter to learn to dive. Although I know Dean, Dave and Trevor will do their best to extol the virtues of the club, input from a couple of young, enthusiastic divers would be good if anyone feels like helping out. (…hmmmm what about our great SD trainees?)

I’m getting a bit out of touch with where our OD trainees are with pool work. I will make sure the training record is upstairs this week and then down by the pool too. The dates I’ve entered in RED are just indications of when you were in the pool, with whom (initials) and what I thought you might be doing….you need to overwrite in pen when that lesson is actually signed off. So PLEASE could all trainees make sure that their QRBs and my records are brought up to date. To help with this, please could all assistant instructors make sure that the trainees know what needs to be signed off in their QRBs….and get an OWI …David P, Chris N or Mark….to sign them.

Theory first:

As promptly as possible at 7.30 Ann will finish OT1 with Khia and Rebecca and David will finish OT2 with Dylan and Alfie

Also with as prompt start as possible Mark will do OT3 with Janine, Mark and Stephen

Chris N will do ST5 with all the SD trainees

Paul T will do drysuit theory with Humphrey,Steve and possibly Henry (the pool work will be next week)

So, to the first wave to go to the pool:

Alexis with our try-diver Marie Clare (Dave will do the paperwork and Dave, our ‘rusty’ PADI visitor is Marie Clare’s husband, perhaps you can introduce him round the club?)

Richard with Phil (OS3/4 I think please check)

Charles continuing with Tony

Dave C with Colleen (OS4/5 I think, Colleen, since you’re in the first wave I suggest you meet Dave on the poolside but please get your QRB up to date with Sammy beforehand so dave knows what to do, thanks)

Second wave in the pool:

Chris S with Rebecca (OS1)

Sammy with Khia (OS1)

David with Alfie and Dylan (OS2)

And that’s all folks!!

Don’t forget Alexis’ presentation next week which will be about preventing injury whilst diving. For anyone who hasn’t seen it before it’s a must and anyone who has will find he’s covering some new stuff as well.There will be limited training afterwards with only one wave in the pool.


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