Training Plan 7th June

Hi all,

I hope everyone has had a grand jubilee weekend and eaten lots of cake!

I think there was a little too short notice for the open water session next
weekend. It will still go ahead despite not many takers and I will send out
a short briefing for that after this email. However, I am pleased to say
that we can offer another open water training session on Sunday 26th June
at Capernwray. Apart from more OD trainees, I hope all the newish divers
planning to go to the Farnes in July will come along that Sunday to prepare
themselves for the ocean! All are welcome as usual, just let me know you
intend to come.

So, to the training plan:

*In the Pool:*

*Dave C * will do OS1 with Janet Mattinson

*Rob * will do drysuit training with Mick Mc.

*Tony *(from DVD) will continue with Samuel. (they’ll bring their own kit)

This means there is LOADS of room in the pool for others to practice in
preparation for open water. Please make use of it. As far as I know John,
Wayne and Leonie intend to be there.

* In the room:*

*David *will do OT2 with Andy Walton

*Nigel* will do ST5 with Steve G and anyone else who needs that lesson

*Steve * will do the OD theory test with Karl

I may or may not be there this week. If I’m not please will the instructors
send me some feedback. Thanks.


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