Training Plan 8th March

Hi all,

I’m very sorry to have to tell you that BPL are finally doing the long
awaited, essential maintenance on the diving boards so the pool is NOT
AVAILABLE to us for two weeks, 8th and 15th March, Although this is a
nuisance it gives us an excellent opportunity to get as much theory work
done as possible this week…and hopefully, get a few people through their
theory test.
However, to add to the disruption, Barnsley FC have a home footie match
this Tuesday starting at 7.45 which means that the traffic will be bad 😕.
Do your best to get in, we’ll probably delay the start of lessons until
about 8pm to allow people time to get in and we will finish promptly at
9.30 latest to get away before the crowds. If you are named in the plan
below and decide not to come in please text me to let me know so we don’t
wait for you.

*Sports Divers *

According to my records the two lessons most needed are ST3 and ST5 but my
record may not be totally up to date. Therefore Alexis, Steve and Rob will
be available to do whatever SD lessons or revision are required on the
night….or can do the SD theory test if there’s anyone ready to give it a
go! (I’ll bring in all the paperwork, just in case). Sports divers please
just come along and tell us what you need.

*Ocean Divers*

I will be doing the OD theory test with Will and possibly Wayne, Eva and
Joanne if they feel ready to take this opportunity.

David will do OT5 with Rhiana, Karl, Dane and Mick

Chris will do OT2 with John and Jaene

*Please* everyone, bring in your QRB so we can sign everything up to date.

Next week will be the scheduled ‘Save a Dive’ presentation (more details of
this next week) and, since we haven’t got the pool we will also have a kit
night when we will share good and bad points of various bits of kit to help
new divers, who may be about to spend their hard earned cash on kit, to
make good choices.


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