Training plan 9th July

Hi all,

Another fairly quiet week as far as training is concerned. We have two try-dives, Dave C will look after Humphrey Sherwood and Chris N will look after Mick Hitchen.

Suze will do OS1 with Savahna and David will do the same with Kacey. I think, since it is their first pool session they would both benefit from one to one.

Ann will do OT4 with Armya, Rhys and Debbie, starting just after 8pm.

Sammy will be available to help any OD trainees who want to practice.There will be limited cylinder availability because all the larger ones will be going out for the Farnes divers. If anyone else wants to practice in the pool please wait until about 8.20 to collect kit so the EOs can be sure they’ve enough for the try-divers and trainees first. Thanks.

I intend starting another round of SD training next week especially for Lee and Angelina. Are there any other takers…either just wanting to start or wanting to do it as a refresher/revision? Please let me know.


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