Training plan for Tuesday 4th Feb

Hi all,No try dives this week. Charles will be working with Martin in the pool (OS4) (and trying out his side mount I believe).Alexis to continue with Tony in the pool (OS2-3 I think) Richard to do a full skills review with Will and Adam in preparation for a pool sign off. These seven will be the first wave going down to the pool at 8.00pm . The second wave going down no earlier than 8.15 will be:Sammy continuing with Colleen Nigel to do a skills review with Ryan in preparation for a pool sign off Chris S will be available work with Abbie, Andy…. if they need instruction/help/assessment. There should be kit available for others to practice, hoods and gloves a good idea. And so to the theory training: Paul Tarn will do OT1 with Stephen, Alfie, Janine, Mark and Dylan and if possible demonstrate at the end the set up and dismantling of a SCUBA.(Dean could sit in on this and help with the demo?) In the first half hour Rob will finish the ocean diver retests with Ryan, Rhys , Adam and Colleen so that they can go on to their pool work, and then he will finish ST4 with Mate, Dominik, Matt, Ellie and Henry (and anyone else who’d like to revise it). David will do the Sports Diver theory test with Lee, Dan and Dave H. Busy again, sorry (not really!!) Trevor, Linda and I will not be there this week as we’ll be playing with the fishes that call Bonaire their home. We’ll tell you all about it when we get back! Ann

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