Training Plan January 7th

Hi All,

Happy New Year!!

This is an early stab at a training plan. I’m fairly certain that it may have to be jiggled a bit on Tuesday as I can’t be sure who will turn up and who won’t!….but it’s a place to start on Tuesday.

We have two confirmed try-divers, Lois Horton and her dad Mick. David P and Nigel will look after these.

Chris N will be doing OS2 with Phil and Aaron (if he turns up…we haven’t seen him for a while).

Mark will do OS4 in the pool with Ryan and Adam

Sammy will do OS4 in the pool with Colleen (perhaps Kacey would like to join in and help out with the lifts etc.)

Alexis will do OT5 with Tony, Will and Martin

Rob will get the new round of Sports Diver trainees started with ST1…any combination of Máté, Dominik, Giannis, Henry, Ellie and Matt…plus any of the previous SD trainees who haven’t yet done the test and want to revise. I’ll be including a SD lesson every week from now on. These lessons do not have to be done in order so any trainee can join in when available even if I don’t put your name against the lesson.

Ann will be signing up Stephen Bradshaw and then passing him to Dave C to do OT0, the swim test and some snorkelling.

Not sure what Selina, Rhys and Humphrey want to do…if it’s pool work you can work together on practicing skills. We’ve got the 14th pencilled in for an OD theory test but I can do it this week with anyone who feels ready.

Lee and Dan have booked in the 4th Feb to do the SD theory test…is there anyone else who’d like to get ready and be included in that?

Don’t forget it’s the AGM on the 21st to which ALL members are invited, please come along!


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