Training plan Tuesday 13 November

Hi all we have 3 instructors unavailable this week so the plan is a bit complicated. Also a reminder that Barnsley are at home so allow extra time to get here.

Dave P will continue with the O2 course with Suze, Adrian, Mick and Helen. This will start promptly at 7.30 if not before so please come early.

After this Dave will take Angelina in the pool. Can Angelina be ready for 8.15 please.

We have 2 try dives. Rob and Suze will do these with Alex shadowing or Alex can lead and one of you can oversee. Can Rob do the preamble please for both. Payment already received. It’s Mate Szucs and son who is13.

Chris N with Tony Jakins OT3. Chris, Dave Gilbert may wish to shadow you for this.

Paul and Pam Tarn are doing dry suit training with Dearne Valley Divers and Callum. I have asked Paul Tarn if he can do ST4 with George V and Will beforehand but not confirmed yet.

Paul R with Jess, Giannis and Mackenzie OT1 followed by OT 2 with Autumn and Tom around 8.15. (A and T no pool tonight sorry)

A reminder that the cage monkeys want to finish before the footie does so no hanging around.

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