Training Plan Tuesday 15th August

Hi everyone,

There’s a lot of people away this week so we’ve decided not to do a kit night this month. Back to normal in September. Also, there’s another home match at Barnsley FC so the traffic might be bad around 7.30. Suze is coming into club to do a briefing for all those going to the Isle of Man. This will start as soon as everyone’s here who’s going, please let Suze know if you can’t make it.

It’s a fairly quiet training night (the try-dives we had booked have postponed until the end of the month) so there will be space in the pool for those preparing for trips to have a bit of practice…perhaps take up Linda’s advice and make sure you’re adept at deploying a DSMB?

Shaz will be starting her pool training with Chris B. Since it’s holiday time and we can get into the pool earlier, there should be time to do all of OS1.

Chris N will do SS1 with Elliot and Cameron in the pool.

Dave P will do the second half of OT3 (from slide 12) with Jack and then continue pool work with Jack and Jess.

Ann will help Stan with the Ocean Diver theory test.

Rob may also be available if anyone has any specific requests…let me or Rob know.

…and that’s it, I think…let me know if I’ve forgotten you!


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