Training plan Tuesday 7th September

Hi all,

Before I start on the training plan I’d like to remind everyone that our
next scheduled training trip to Capernwray is coming up in just 2 weeks
time, on *Sunday 19th September. *So far I only have two trainees which is
fine but please be aware that after this one there will only be one,
possibly two more trips while the water remains warm and comfortable. So,
if you want to work towards qualifying this year please don’t miss this
opportunity. Any OD trainees who are pool signed off could come to do OO1
and 2 but before this you should practice your skills in the pool with hood
and gloves on, in preparation (Devin?). There are 2 more Tuesdays before
the 19th so plenty of time to prepare.

OK, now the training plan, pool lessons first;

All the following are the first wave👋🌊 so can head on down to the pool to
collect kit as soon as both trainee and instructor are ready.

*David *will work with Will Rutter on OS2

*Chris *will continue with Joanne OS3/4 I think. Liam may be available to
help out with AS.

*Steve *will continue with Marie OS1-2 I think

*DC *will do a skills review and pool sign off with Becca

Theory training;

*Alexis *will do the OD theory test with Will Hodgson (I will bring all the
necessary paperwork).

There are only the 9 people above scheduled to go in the pool so oodles of
space for others to practice. No need to let me know in advance if you want
to come and get wet but please don’t go down to collect kit until after
8pm. You’re the second wave! 👋🌊

See y’all on Tuesday,


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