Trips for 2017

Hi All – following up on last nights planning session, if you have preferences for any particular trip (and when you would like to go) then please drop me an email.

We are not looking for definite numbers, just an expression of interest at this stage is fine.

Current plans look like:

  • April – possibly Egypt shore+boat diving
  • May – possibly St Abbs (SE Scotland) shore (boat optional)
  • June – ??
  • July – Farnes (fast RHIB)
  • Aug – possibly Portugal (Portimao Ocean Revival – Boat)
  • Sept – ???
  • Oct – ???

There’s no reason why we cannot run more than one trip per month, provided enough divers are interested. We can also run Foreign trips Nov through to April if there is interest.

Some other ideas:

  • Gozo/Malta (boat??)
  • Anglesey (Shore + optional boat)
  • Plymouth (Boat)
  • Sound of Mull (Boat)
  • Scapa Flow (Orkneys – boat – SD+)
  • Yorkshire Coast (awaiting boat details)
  • Eyemouth (Boat)
  • Lake District (shore + walking!)
If you have any other ideas, don’t be shy – please throw it into the mix!

Rob Mason

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