Update – Capernwray Shakedown 22/23 April

Hi All – I won’t be at the club on Tuesday (I’ll be back regularly from the 12th April). For those coming to Capernwray on the 22/23. Please read on for a quick trip briefing:

Getting there:

  • The site opens at 9am , but please try to be there for 8:30am as there are a few commercial events taking place which means the car park could get a bit crowded.
  • As you enter the site, we normally try to park in the upper half of the car park (turn right after the payment gate). We are usually parked on the right-hand side nearest the road.
  • If anyone needs a lift then please shout – I can take another two divers if required.
  • Address is Jackdaw Quarry, Capernwray Road, Capernwray, Carnforth, LA6 1AD – approx 2 hours from Barnsley

Pre-Flight Checks:

  • Double check that you have everything! Hood, Gloves, Fins, Mask, BCD, Cylinder (full!), Computer/Gauge, BSAC Tables, Regs, weights, wet/dry suit??
  • For those undertaking drysuit training, please ensure you have your weights/weightbelts configured beforehand – see Nick on Tuesday.
  • Remember to bring your qualification cards/books and/or Capernwray membership card
  • Money! Entrance is £12, airfills are approx £4, one-off membership fee is £5 for trainees or £15 for qualified divers.
  • Equipment hire – See Nick!  You can also hire wet/drysuits/cylinders etc from Capernwray – call 01524 735132 to arrange
  • Remember to bring hats, coats, and towels as it may be cold.  Also, please make sure you bring something to drink to keep yourself hydrated between dives.

The Site:

The Diving:

  • Currently we have Dry Suit Training planned. Please make Ann or me aware of any other training requirements.
  • We will operate at least two groups led by Ann and me. Trevor will also be on hand for leading any pleasure dives.
  • Sports Divers – good opportunity to practice your navigation! Download the map and try Cessna-Podsnap-Bell-Airplane – they’re “unmissable”  :‑|
  • Hopefully, three dives if we’re organised!

Contact me or Ann if you have any further questions. See you all on the 22nd!!



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